Our Story

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Our Story

1505568_893108757379866_1586154240183475315_nMy name is Greg Yonan along with Brother Scott we manage the day to day operations of Tiger’s Body Shop. This year we are celebrating our 66rd year of service (1952-2015) and would like to tell you a little bit about us and our history. We are and have been a family owned and operated business since 1952 when my Father opened the shop at the same location we at now. This is my 39th year full-time and my Brother’s 21th full-time working at our shop. Aside from the time’s we came to work with Dad as young kids as well as after school and summers as we got older. If you stop in you may even still Dad who at 96 years old still likes to stop in.

My Father was born in Iraq in December of 1921; his family brought him to America for a chance at a better life. After high school my Father Fought for our country in the 82nd airborne division during World War II. Then after his years of service concluded he acquired an American United taxi cab. He spent tireless hours working Driving his cab earning money to help support his family. When the cab need repairs from an accident he would be unable to work until the repairs were complete. So in display of his strong work ethic he decided to ask the owner of the repair shop if he could help out so he could more quickly get back to driving his taxi. He was such a hard worker that the repair shop’s owner asked him if he if he wanted a job. He worked at the body shop during the day weekdays and drove the cab on the weekends. His Brothers would drive the cab during the week as soon as he saved up enough money; he opened his owned shop the same one we run today. He instilled the same work ethic in me and my Brother Scott. We learned when we were young that whether your business is big or small if you are not fair, honest or care about your customers your business will not be around for long. I believe that quality work, customer service and genuinely caring about our customers is what sets apart from our competitors.

Thank you,

Greg Yonan
Since 1979
Tiger’s body shop since 1952

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